V12S – Dust Controller

V12s Dust Controller – The Quietest Dust Controller in the World

V12s Dust Controller

The specially developed turbine is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 60 dB(A) within a radius of 20 meters. The turbine has two levels of speed, so it is flexible enough to spray fine water mist from 25 to over 65 meters. Thanks to sophisticated valve technology, the amount of water can be controlled by remote control on three different levels. Water flow is 16 – 100 l/min.

What makes the V12s unique:

  • The new V12s is smaller and more compact than its predecessor, and the swerve is many times faster
  • Two different speed levels: the custom engine for the V12s can run at 3kW (range: 25 – 35 m) and at 11kW (range: 50 – 65 m)
  • The V12s can be installed on various mobile or fixed bodies
  • Also available with heating for winter operation
  • Special nozzles with ceramic insert, with an offset arrangement
  • Horizontal pump with pressure monitoring and automatic discharge, for optimum water pressure as well as easily accessible and quick to clean water filter

The V12s (V12 Silent) is an all-purpose, powerful and environmentally-friendly dust suppression solution. With its 58° tilt angle and 350° pivoting angle, the high-performance turbine is geared up for the widest possible operating range.

Special nozzles with a ceramic insert generate a fine mist which is highly effective at binding the dust particles at the source. State-of-the-art valve technology and an optional second nozzle ring guarantee efficient water usage. Various add-on options make the V12 a universal dust suppression system. The machine is easy to operate by remote control, via a touch panel on the electric cabinet or a software application.

Opencut mines, demolition sites and recycling plants are typical fields of application for the V12s.

Technical Specifications

  • Throwing distance (up to)25-35* / 50-65 m
  • Nominal power – turbine3* / 11 kW
  • Nominal power – pump4 kW
  • Sound pressure level LA60* / 63 at 20m db(A)
  • Operating temperature0° to +40°
  • Operating temperature with heating kit-10° to +40°
  • Turbine tilt-18° to +40°
  • Water flow16 – 100 l/min
  • Swing (automatic)° 350°
  • Water supply pressure2 – 5 bar

* at reduced speed

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