Ceramic Membrane Filter System Tubular

Micropass™ Ceramic Membrane Filter System can withstand high temperatures, harsh chemicals, compressive forces, microorganisms, has great infiltration and separation capability, high porosity and is easily cleaned. This allows it to filter high levels of impurities. It also has a long service lifespan and is widely used in petrochemical, electronics, automobile, food and beverages and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Low system power consumption
  • Strong renewable performance and low washing cost
  • Long service life of ceramic membrane which is several or even dozens of times of that of organic membranes
  • Produced by non-pollution material with sanitary workplace so as to effectively reduce labor intensity of workers and meet FDA and GMP requirements
  • Low equipment investment and obvious comprehensive cost-effectiveness
  • High process integration of system and easy operation and maintenance
  • Separation operation unit facilitates membrane tube replacement
  • If required by customers, Feature-tec can also provide high temperature desulfurization and coal gas filtering systems.


  • Non-polluting materials for a clean working environment
  • Effectively reduces labor costs
  • Complies with FDA & GMP Standards
  • Based on clients' requirements, Feature-Tec is able to provide customized high temperature flue gas desulphurization and  gas filtration system

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