12th December 2017

Our Dynajet 350TH Demo trailer (the most powerful unit in its class) was used to great effect this weekend during the annual slipway inspection, cleaning and re-coating of ‘Yogi Bear’.

Local businessman and owner of ‘Yogi Bear’ a 34ft Challenger Cat, Gus Gawith was extremely happy with the results and commented on the speedy set-up of the unit and how easily the 350bar pressure managed to remove the old anti-foul from the hulls, as well as the build-up of crustaceans from the rudders and propellers. Also, noting the additional benefit of how the 95⁰C hot water quickly removed dirt and algae from the fibreglass body, normally a process that requires harmful chemicals.

Other local boat owners commented on the build quality, appearance and quietness of the Dynajet 350TH.


The job was completed safely and efficiently without chemicals resulting in an environmentally safe method. Additionally the low water usage led to a much reduced waste water removal cost from the site.

Equipment used:

                              Dynajet 350TH: 350bar, 95⁰C, 16 l/min, 15deg flat jet nozzle.

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Before                                                                                                  After

Anti-Foul Removal