Longwall Pump Stations

longwall pump stations Hydraulics pump stations are customised to the requirements of each customer. They are an integrated design incorporating modern materials, equipment and technology. Pump Stations can be based on a tracked mobile platform, transportable pods or even suspended from the monorail system; they typically incorporate the following services:

  • High pressure emulsion supply system
  • Emulsion mixing and storage systems
  • Face-return filtration and recirculation system
  • Supply and equipment fluid cooling systems
  • Shearer water supply system
  • PLC control and monitoring with SCADA display
  • Extensive mechanical and electrical isolation features

Each system is designed and manufactured to achieve the highest levels of quality with a strong focus on safety, efficiency and reliability. Each system has the following integrated minimum features:

  • High level of operator safety
  • High level of redundancy (optional)
  • Smooth operation and fluid delivery
  • Minimised service down time
  • Complete audible and visual monitoring systems
  • Simplified maintenance