Hire - Pump & Other Equipment

LW Hydraulics has a fleet of salvage pack pump units available for hire.

A number of these units are flameproof (FLP) and fully compliant for use in flameproof zones in underground coal mines throughout Australian. We also have a number of non FLP units available for hire for non FLP applications, generally workshop and site surface applications such as site mini-builds.

Flameproof units are predominately used to assist with longwall equipment installations and relocations and are available on short and long term hire.

All units come complete with all safety documentation and training and assistance through LW Hydraulics service engineers is available.

Other Equipment available for hire:

Dump Pod Unit

The Dump Pod Unit is a more cost effective option to assist with pump relocations, when a Hire Unit is not required. Pressure and flow can be customised to suit customers individual needs.

Dump Pod Unit Consists of:

  • Consignment Pump
  • Filter
  • Accumulator
  • Safety Valve
  • Isolation Dissipation & Gages

Transportation Cages

Specially designed to meet the requirements for the safe transport and storage of pressurised vessels such as accumulators before installation.

Mobile Filter Pods

Each pod can be modified to suit widespread application across various industries.

  • Easy to transport
  • Filters customised to suit individual applications
  • Easy filter removal & maintenance
  • Ergonomic

A-Frames & Beams

We have a range of engineered A-Frames and beams that can be used for:

  • Mini-Builds
  • Lifting Applications
  • Material Transportation