Longwall Pump Stations Kicking Goals

28th January 2019

FY19 has been a very busy period of overhaul and OE build activity with multiple projects overlapping. A big success was the back to back overhauls of BMA pump stations, with both sets of equipment undergoing complete overhaul, the first time since the original contract supply in 2012. These overhauls were completed on time and budget and both stations went back into production seamlessly. Highlights included:

  • First time the Kamat K35060 emulsion pumps had been out for repair since 2012.
  • Overhauls completed in under 10 week including full Factory Acceptance Testing.
  • Stations returned to site for immediate installation and commissioning, first station achieved weekly production record within 6 weeks of returning to operation.

BMA underground is a major producer, regularly exceeding their production targets with plans to expand their annual production further. The Longwall pump stations will now remain in production for the next 5 years supporting those targets.