New DYNASET HPW250 Hydraulic High Pressure Water Pump

22nd January 2019

Our high pressure hydraulic partner Dynaset have released a new Hydraulic High Pressure Water Pump, the HPW250. The new pump model produces water pressure of 250 bar (3600 psi) and water flow of 30 l/min (7.9 gpm). Thanks to the new design, the pump has the best power-to-size ratio in its class. Its output power is 12.5 kW. The unloader valve is integrated to the front of the pump which enabled substantial small size.

The forged body of the HPW250 pump is made of brass alloy which makes it extremely durable. HPW250 is self-priming. The water source can be a water reservoir, a lake or even a river as long as the water filtration is considered.

The HPW250 can be used in various applications such as pipe cleaning units, street washing units, dust suppression systems, power washers. HPW250 can be installed on any mobile machine's hydraulic system.

For more information about the pump just give us a call - 02 4271 2999 or 07 4952 3612