New Hydraulic Testing Equipment at Mackay

7th March 2019

Our Mackay branch has recently designed, built and commissioned a new hydraulic testing bench and we’re now ready for action.

As well as our established Longwall valve testing facility we can now test many oil hydraulic control valves.

The functionality of the test bench allows us to determine leakage and losses across spools or seals. We have the capability to test the valve switching mechanisms thru 12V to 240V and also manual, hydraulic and pneumatic activation. A wide range of pressure set valves can be tested and set for required load holding or relieving pressures.


The basic capabilities of the test bench are:

12 V DC, 24V DC, 240 V AC, hydraulic, pneumatic and manually activated valve operational test
Spool leakage test at variable pressure up to 280 bar
Relief valve test and pre-set
Counterbalance valve test and pre-set
Pilot pressure and operational test
Valve stack operational and leakage test including stack mounted check, flow control and relief functions
Safety valve set and test
Max pressure 280 bar
Max flow 26 L/min



A big thanks to all those involved in getting this equipment up and running, great work.