Submersible Pump for Longwall Operations

4th September 2019

Need a submersible pump for your longwall?

Prefer to utilise the longwall hydraulic system to power it?

Would you like it to be light enough for the team to move around safely?

If your answers are Yes, then we have the product for you.

We have recently developed submersible pumps to suit these important requirements and needs of our mining customers. Our longwall mine spec submersible pumps are based on our popular Dynaset HSP range of pumps and coupled with some smart hydraulic valving developed by our local resources. The pumps available are capable of moving up to 4000 litres per minute of water and slurry mix and will achieve a head of around 20m. These pumps are designed for easy installation when required, and minimal moving parts means maintenance is not an issue. Also the cost of these pumps is very attractive, as they are a fraction of the cost of the equivalent electric options available.

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