A Strong Finish to 2019 for Mackay

19th January 2020

Longwall Hydraulic’s commitment to servicing the Bowen Basin continues to grow and we finished 2019 with two large overhaul projects completed on time and on budget.

During the course of the year spare parts stock has been more than doubled in Mackay. The workshop capabilities have also been increased, through the investment of new test equipment, that enable us to test and repair Accumulators, Hydraulic and Pneumatic valves, cylinders and spools.

The project work to overhaul two sets of Tank and Pump carts, for our valued customers at the Grasstree and Grosvenor longwall operations, was a major achievement by the branch.  The Grasstree overhaul also involved us to remove and overhaul, very successfully, the carts original crawler track systems that has been given a huge tick of approval from the Grasstree Project Engineers involved with the overhaul.

Both of these mines have now scheduled, into Mackay, overhauls on their next set of Pump and Tank carts to be completed in first and second quarters 2020.  With the employment of a senior Kamat specialist tradesman and that of another mature age apprentice to the team, we are all set to progress forward and meet the challenges ahead in 2020 and beyond.

Anglo pump and tank station overhaul December 2019

Job done, delivery back to mine site