Kamat Plunger Pumps Explained

3rd February 2020

Ever wondered how a Kamat Plunger Pump works, well here is the answer:

Plunger pumps belong to the group of oscillating positive displacement pumps - one of the oldest pump types. The displacers in plunger pumps are moved/pressed by crankshafts which is integral to the pump and the pump has one or more cylinders. The displacer of this pump is called “plunger”. In contrast to piston pumps the plunger “dives” through a fixed seal into a sealed off working space, displacing the fluid. Since 1974 the company KAMAT is an experienced producer of plunger pumps in Witten, Germany. In this video KAMAT’s CEO Dipl. - Ing. Jan G. Sprakel explains the technology and some of the benefits of plunger pumps.