Our Pump Re-Build and Testing Facility

11th February 2020

Longwall Hydraulics repair centre at Unanderra has certainly had its fair share of pumps going through in the last 6 months. With 28 pumps from existing equipment rolling through, all being fully stripped and brought back to 'as new' condition. Along with 16 new pumps for OEM machinery being put through our complete inspection & test process, to ensure 100% performance when the customer needs it.

We recently overhauled numerous K25055 pumps for one of our valued customers. The pumps had been in operation underground for over 5 years, they have now been brought back to operation spec, and are ready to fitted to the complete pump station currently in our workshop undergoing a major overhaul.

The smooth operation of the new style 3G pumps can be seen in the video provided. As you can see the coin & in hex bit balance perfectly on the Kamat 3G pump under full cyclic load (no, these items are not glued on, as someone already asked). The short video of the pumps was during the full load cycle test to operating specs of 385l/min @ 350bar.

All our Kamat pumps, new and old are tested in this way. We also carry out complete pump station factory acceptance testing when required by our customers. Feel free to ask us more about any of this.