Always trying to exceed expectations

15th April 2020

Our Mackay operations have recently turned around modifications to one of  BMA Broadmeadow Longwall Pump Stations in less than two weeks.

The initial scope of works was always going to be a challenge, with the 40T Station being required to be turned around within 10 days of its delivery. Alarm bells were ringing early when it was discovered that the on board boost pump required additional work and not just the simple seal change that was initially planned. Tank modifications were completed, some accumulator repairs, and general valve repairs, plus overhaul of the boost pump assembly.

In the end what potentially could have been 3-4 week turnaround was managed to be completed within just two weeks!

Feedback from the Broadmeadow was very positive. So much so that advice has been given that their second Tank Cart would also be sent into Mackay, for the same modifications. 

All things considered a fantastic result for the client and a great achievement by Mackay operations staff and our valued suppliers that were involved. Having the capability at our Mackay workshop to perform overhaul work, including the ability to service and test accumulators, along with equipment to laser align pumps and test/repair hydraulic valves and cylinders, saves valuable turnaround time and cost for our clients.