Completed Pump Station Gets High Voltage Functional Acceptance Testing

2nd April 2020

The team at Longwall Hydraulics have recently completed the manufacture of a new pump station system for South 32 - Appin Mine. As part of the supply contract Longwall Hydraulics installed an on-site power package capable of 3300V, to enable full high voltage functional acceptance testing of the newly completed Pump station package.

This pump station underwent functional operations testing within our facility over a week, with the customer involved throughout the whole process. This ensured all systems were checked and confirmed to specification, and tested, simulating underground performance as per the mines site and Australian standards. The testing ultimately ensures a seamless underground commissioning and start-up for the longwall production team.

This Longwall Hydraulics manufactured Pump station system utilizes our Kamat pumps and is capable of delivering System hydraulics at a rate of 1155 litre per minute at 350 bar, and Hi-set at a rate of 288 litres per minute at 415 bar.

Our hydraulic pump motors are comprised of 3300V, 400kW Dual shaft motors which allows for greater pump installation into smaller envelopes.