Dust Suppression fitted to mobile crusher attachment

4th November 2020

With the most stringent dust controls in place across all NSW worksites our customers are looking for smarter ways to keep the dust away from their people, and the whole worksite in general.

Our Dynaset High Pressure Water system is about as good as it gets for dust suppression at the source. The system will run on any hydraulically powered machine, it provides effective dust suppression to any attachment, and water usage is kept to a minimum. Also, the mandatory ‘guy with a hose pipe’ is no longer needed, removing risk and reducing costs.

The system in the video was installed to provide dust suppression on an Arden Equipment crusher attachment, I believe this to be a first in Australia.

For more details just give us a call: NSW 02 4271 2999, QLD 07 4952 3612