Monorail Mounted - Sunflo Shearer Water Pod Overhaul

3rd December 2021

We recently successfully completed a full overhaul and upgrade to a Monorail mounted, Sunflo centrifugal Shearer Water Pump for South 32 in the Illawarra region. 

The Shearer water pod utilizes an on board automatic back flushable water filtration system, which was pneumatically controlled. During the overhaul, we provided new technology which removed the need for pneumatic controlled automatic backflush controls. The new system is comprised of an onboard electro-pneumatic controller with inbuilt PLC to monitor and control the backflush cycles with little to no maintenance. Further to this upgrade, we completed the following scope:

Full strip down of the entire pod assembly
Sandblast, NDT and re-paint of all major structures and safety critical lifting point
Re-calibration of all field devices to ensure accuracy
160kW 3300V motor overhaul complete with vibration analysis on completion
Sunflo pump was overhauled, and flow specification upgraded to meet mine sites increased demand for dust suppression systems
Electrical enclosure power supply upgrade to integrate with new technology
Installation of new comms enclosure
Replacement of all hosing, fittings, and isolation valves to comply with MDG41 guidelines

A big thank you to the team involved, as well as all our local vendors and interstate vendors who assisted with another successful project completed on time, on budget to the highest quality standards.