Hydraulic Powered Winch

2nd June 2022

Here's a winch that we recently customized for one of our Longwall Mining customers. The customer was seeking a more powerful winch system, and poor air supply on the face meant that conventional air winches were just not going to do the job. We adapted one of our standard Dynaset products to suit the application, and now all the pulling power the customer needs is available anytime.

This winch unit is suitable for operation on the longwall face and is powered by the hydraulic system available on the face machinery. It can also be used on mobile equipment with a suitable hydraulic power take off. We supplied this one with a remote mounted valve block assembly and remote operator handset, and it can be easily mounted on the BSL. The winch has a max. pull of 5,000kg and fitted with suitable mine spec winch rope.

If you need a winch with more power, just give us a shout.