BSL Mounted Underground Oil Services Tank

12th February 2023

LW Hydraulics have recently completed the design and manufacture of a customised underground BSL mounted oil services pod. This was designed in such a way that the operator could utilise one pump to fill the tank and another to deliver out to the LW shearer and MG/TG drives.

This eliminates the need for underground personnel to carry 20 liter oil drums along the longwall face and manually hand pump the required oil.

This BSL mounted oil tank design comprises of two separate 500L compartments, which houses 68 grade hydraulic oil and 320 grade gear oil. A filter is mounted on the delivery line to ensure fluid cleanliness is maintained downstream. Visual differential monitoring is installed to each of the filtration assemblies for ease of inspections during routine maintenance checks.

Each pump and pneumatically driven with a self-priming ability that reduces the need for manual intervention to prime each pump prior to startup.

The profile is designed in such a way, that when it is mounted to the top of the BSL, the oil services tank fits within the low height constraint.