Dynaset Welding Generator Exceeds Customers’ Expectations

3rd March 2023

Queensland Groundwater Solutions, a leading provider in water bore drilling services and ground water management, has recently added the Dynaset HWG220 welding generator to their fleet of equipment. The company has been using the HWG220 extensively for various drilling projects and is extremely satisfied with its performance.

Previously, they would tow a diesel-powered welder to various work sites. Now, the compact Dynaset unit is mounted to the drill rig and is powered by its hydraulic system.

Cameron from Queensland Groundwater Solutions has shared some feedback with our Queensland Manager - Mark Hinton.



I just wanted to pass on some feedback on your welder.

I have just completed running 284 meters of 5” steel casing today and must admit I have been pleasantly surprised with the performance of the welder, I have it wound up about halfway and it burns the 4mm electrodes like they are nothing. It is crisp and smooth and very good to use. I thoroughly enjoy welding with it and it has a good hot start that gets the TC16 electrodes going which can be problematic with other welders. The job we have been doing is for a structural steel customer who consumes 800 tons of steel a month and has 50 boiler makers working for him full time and he was even impressed with the unit’s performance. It makes no noise and the rig doesn’t even know it is running it, no load up or anything. Its compact, light and takes 1 minute to set up and you’re welding. Its probably one of the best things we have done to the rig to pick up productivity.


Cameron Sharp

Managing Director

Queensland Groundwater Solutions