Hydraulic Oil Filtration Success

27th March 2023

LW Hydraulics is proud to share the news of another successful hire of our Delta Xero DX1001-T Filtration Unit. The unit effectively removed contaminants and varnish from a 1200L hydraulic oil tank that provided oil (ISO 68) to a critical servo valve system. Our cutting-edge filtration technology proved its worth, delivering results that exceeded the expectations of our customer.

The DX1001-T was installed for one week, ran continuously and only one cartridge/filter element was used. It restored the oil to optimal working condition improving performance and longevity. There is now no need to prematurely change the oil once contaminated. Clean oil will also extend the life of the servo valves resulting in increased productivity.

Notable Results

Date: 02/03/2023 08/03/2023
ISO Code: 18/17/14 18/16/13
Water Content KF PPM: 71 <0.1
MPC (ASTM D7843): 15.4 12.8