Juggling Capacity is Always Fun

17th March 2023

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan” – Eleanor Roosevelt

With four overlapping major overhauls with upgrades to execute the next 6 months, plus several OEM projects to complete designs for, the team is busily planning each activity down to each bolt & nut. Through improved scopes, better communication, great vendor support, we continue to improve performance. It has been nearly 2years since we went online with our new ERP Pronto business system, and the improvements in our capacity and project planning is amazing, resulting in our efficiencies increasing by over 20% measured by output to head count.

With customer satisfaction high, quality rework reducing year on year, and our diversification strategies gaining momentum, things are looking bright. Full credit to all team members for working smarter and embracing change, congrats to the entire LWH team. 


A snapshot of some of our current projects in WIP.