LW Hydraulics in Tasmania

30th May 2023

At LW Hydraulics, we believe that exceptional customer service goes hand in hand with building strong, long-lasting relationships. That's why we're proud to go the extra mile—quite literally—to ensure that our valued customers receive the utmost care and support, no matter where they are.


This month, our Business Development Manager and Project Manager spent a week in Tasmania visiting customers face to face. A valuable experience for both parties.


We are enjoying supporting our Aquaculture customers in the south of Tasmania. Aquaculture is an industry LW Hydraulics is passionate about servicing, and we are becoming more and more experienced with the equipment used in this industry.


Another exciting development is our new strategic partnership with Fluid Power Services (FPS) in Stoney Rise, Tasmania.


FPS will be stocking Dynaset products in Tasmania. Dynaset is a great product and can be used in many industries. Dynaset has a great range of hydraulically driven water pumps, compressors, generators, grinders and winches and we believe this product will be widely used in Tasmania.