Exciting Results from our DX-1525 Delta Xero Demo by LW Hydraulics!

29th June 2023

We are thrilled to share the remarkable results of our recent Delta Xero DX-1525 demo! We successfully achieved significant improvements in oil quality and cleanliness through a 24-hour filtration process. Here are the results:

1️⃣Oil ISO 4406 Code: NEW - 18/16/13 (previously 23/20/15)

The DX-1525 demonstrated its exceptional capabilities by transforming the oil ISO code, resulting in improved cleanliness and reduced contaminants in the oil . This upgraded ISO Code ensures smoother operations and prolongs the lifespan of equipment.

2️⃣MPC (Membrane Patch Colorimetry) Level: NEW - 0.3 (previously 30.2)

The DX-1525 significantly reduced the MPC level, enhancing its quality and efficiency. Lower MPC ΔE value means higher oil solvency. High oil solvency prevents varnish deposit formation. The previous reading of 30.2 is considered an 'abnormal' level. Anything <15 is considered good - and we achieved 0.3!

3️⃣Water (ASTM D6304B) ppm: NEW - 11 (previously 16)

Our demo showcased the exceptional water removal capabilities of the DX-1525. By reducing water content in the oil, we enhanced the overall performance and reliability. Water in hydraulic oil can deplete additives, reduce lubricity (causing critical surfaces to wear), clog filters and increase the likelihood of cavitation.

We are pleased with these outstanding results, as they demonstrate the immense value and potential of our Delta Xero filtration units. No matter the size of the hydraulic system, there is a Delta Xero unit suitable (the DX-1525 is our smallest Delta Xero unit).

Stop draining and replacing your oil, try filtering it with our Delta Xero unit today! Did we mention it’s suitable for filtering diesel also?

Feel free to reach out for more information or to schedule a demo.