LW Shearer Water Pump Overhaul & Upgrade

1st September 2023

LW Hydraulics recently completed an overhaul and upgrade of an existing Longwall Shearer water pump for a valued Hunter Region mining customer.

The scope of this overhaul included the requirement to redesign the entire monorail pod frame assembly to allow for installation into a new area of the mine with reduced seam height.

The Kamat pump assembly was overhauled and re-handed to suit the required LW handing, as well and a full spec overhaul to the 3300V electric motor.

All pipework has been redesigned and re-mapped, all devices replaced, additional devices installed for added efficiency monitoring, filtration system has been relocated and overhauled along with a complete re-hose and replacement of manifolds, adaptors and fittings.

Upon successful completion, an on power operational test was completed to ensure the system operated to a high standard with site representatives present prior to dispatch.

LW Hydraulics would like to extend our appreciation to our local vendors and our valued team of employees who were involved in the safe and successful completion and delivery of this project.

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