Monorail Mounted Pod Overhauls

5th February 2024

LW Hydraulics have recently completed two full scope monorail mounted pod overhauls for a valued North Queensland underground coal mining customer.

These projects consisted of a Longwall GP water filtration pod, and a high-pressure filtration dump pod, where both units are mounted to the underground mine monorail system.

The GP water filtration pod has been designed and manufactured to filter the incoming water supply to meet the specified site standards. Each of our pod designs are tailored to suit our customer needs and are usually site specific.

The GP water pod has been in service underground since 2015 prior to the full scope overhaul to meet the current site and Australian standards.

The high-pressure filtration dump pod underwent a similar full scope overhaul, where the hydraulic system and components were overhauled, tested, and reassembled into the pod. All hosing, fittings and seals were replaced to ensure the reliability and integrity of the system was maintained to a high standard for years to come.