LW Hydraulics' Machining Capabilities

4th April 2024

Are you aware of LW Hydraulics' machining capabilities?

Recently, our in-house machine shop has been instrumental in assisting our customers, thanks to our skilled machinists.

Our top machinist, Vince Ciccarello, recently crafted a custom banjo bolt for an OEM client, resolving an ongoing issue they faced. Vince skillfully translated the technical drawing into dimensions for our CNC lathe and produced three pieces within the hour, leaving our customer thoroughly impressed.

Meanwhile, our first-year apprentice, Callum Edwards, is making remarkable progress in our machine shop, guided by Vince and Serge. He's already mastering the art of turning threads and machining various intricate components, proving to be a valuable addition to the LWH team.

If your company requires machining services, feel free to reach out for a quote.