KAMAT’s 50th Anniversary - Distributor Summit 2024

27th June 2024

We had the pleasure of sending Sue Hegarty and Brendan Cater to attend KAMAT's 50th Anniversary Distributor Summit. This two-day event provided distributors and guests with engaging insights into the company's rich history, current innovations, and future plans.

The first day kicked off with an official opening by the management team, who delivered an overview of KAMAT's five-decade journey and shared their vision for the future.

Following this, each distributor presented case studies of their own KAMAT pump projects. We also had the opportunity to present our projects, focusing on our mining pump stations and aquaculture units, which were very well received by all attendees.

The event continued with presentations of technical advancements, showcasing impressive innovations such as the K90000, K300000, and the K4500 4000 bar pump. Additionally, new developments like external oil lubrication for low speeds, modifications to high-pressure water guns, and special valves were discussed in detail.

The second day featured a series of outstanding live demonstrations. KAMAT partner companies such as Conjet, Peinemann, and DERC Salotech showcased their latest equipment and accessories. Highlights included the presentations of the KAMJET, a mobile high-pressure unit equipped with various tools, and the outstanding demonstrations of the DERC Salotech Crawler – both demonstrations removing paint from a container.

Overall, the two-day event was a great success, offering an excellent platform to share innovations, explore new markets, and strengthen valuable partnerships. We extend our thanks to the KAMAT team for their warm hospitality and for welcoming us into their factory.