Dynaset Dust Suppression

Dynaset HPW Dust Suppression Kits

Introducing our Dynaset HPW Dust Suppression Kit - a cutting-edge solution that harnesses the hydraulic power of mobile machines, transforming it into a powerful high-pressure water mist. This innovative system can be seamlessly integrated onto the machine's attachment head or any desired location for targeted dust suppression, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

With the Dynaset HPW Dust Suppression Kit, you can experience unparalleled dust control with an optimal water consumption rate. By utilising high-pressure water technology, this system offers superior performance with smaller water droplet sizes compared to conventional low-pressure dust suppression systems. This not only guarantees remarkable dust suppression results but also minimises water usage, making it an eco-friendly choice.

LWH - HPW250 Dust Suppression Kit

The LWH / Dynaset HPW250 Dust Suppression Kit contains the following components:

  Item Number Description Note
dust suppression high pressure water pump D200104650 -
High Pressure Water
(HPW) Pump
LWH has standardised on the Dynaset HPW250 pump. This pump is compatible with a large range of mobile machinery. It provides water pressures up to 250 bar. Other pump sizes available on request.
dust suppression weld on nozzle holder LH0164-20 Weld-on Nozzle Holder
1/4 BSPT Female Ports
4pcs supplied in each kit, housing the spray nozzles. Spray bars also available on request.
dust suppression water suction filter V6306741050 Water Suction Filter - 80 Mesh - 80lpm - 1" BSPP Female Ports This filter is provided to reduce the number of contaminants passing through the HPW pump. Installing this filter will increase the service life of the internal pump components.

Variable Components

  Item Number Description Note
dust suppression nozzle jet LWH-1/4-65DEG-SS-1.15-100 Flat Jet Spray Nozzle; 1/4" BSPT; 65 DEG; 303 SS; 1.15LPM @ 100 BAR Multiple options available such as; spray patterns, spray angles, flow rates and body materials. We have listed our three most common nozzles sold.
LWH-1/4-65DEG-SS-1.50-100 Flat Jet Spray Nozzle; 1/4" BSPT; 65 DEG; 303 SS; 1.50LPM @ 100 BAR
LWH-1/4-65DEG-SS-4.60-100 Flat Jet Spray Nozzle; 1/4" BSPT; 65 DEG; 316 SS; 4.60LPM @ 100 BAR
dust suppression solenoid valve D400103810 SV 70NC - 1/2 - 24V Solenoid Valve 2/2, MAX 70LPM Two voltage options (12V or 24V) depending on the machine’s electrical circuit. The SV solenoid valve allows operation of the dust suppression system from the cab.
D400103800 SV 70NC - 1/2 - 12V Solenoid Valve 2/2, MAX 70LPM
dust suppression valve D400101070 PC-SAE 1" Priority Valve The PC-SAE priority valve establishes a new hydraulic line and provides hydraulic power to the HPW pump. The valve is connected to the machine’s hydraulic pump outlet. The PC-SAE valve is available in three sizes.
D400101050 PC-SAE 3/4" Priority Valve
D400101090 PC-SAE 1 1/4" Priority Valve
dust suppression check valve LWH-3/8-CV Check Valve - 3/8 BSPP – 0.5 BAR Cracking Pressure If a water tank (eg; IBC) is placed on the machine, it usually sits higher than the HPW pump and spray nozzles. The head pressure from the water tank can make its way through the HPW pump and out of the nozzles. The check valve stops water from leaking out of the nozzles when the machine is not in use.
dust suppression dust suppression