DustCat 5000 Electric Dust Control Vehicle

Worlds first all-electric dust control vehicle the DustCat 5000.

DustCat – the Electric Dust Control Vehicle on Tracks

Off-road capable, fully electric, highly efficient – the most advanced electric dust control vehicle for dust suppression is now available in the market: the DustCat 5000. Knocking down emissions without generating any: the DustCat is zero emissions in perfection!

Equipped with a 6 hour battery, 5,000-liter tank and running on tracks, the DustCat is fully autonomous and the perfect unit for dust suppression in remote mines or large outdoor areas with difficult terrain (such as swampy, loose or steep terrain).

The DustCat is able to be equipped with the V12S dust controller, the V22 fog cannon or the powerful V22Orca turbine with its high throwing range of up to 90 meters, enabling the DustCat to easily be effective at controlling dust over large areas. In addition to the fog cannon, a spray bar with nozzles is installed at the rear end of the tracks, which moistens the soil and seals the haul roads surface.

What makes the DustCat 5000 Unique:

  • Full-electric, offering total autonomy & flexibility
  • Equipped with an all-terrain crawler chassis
  • Resource-saving & highly efficient operating all year round
  • 5,000 liter water tank & 6h battery operating time
  • Up to 90m fogging distance

Typical application areas

Extensive outdoor areas with difficult terrain, such as mines and quarries.

Technical Specifications

  • Effective DistanceUp to 90m. 6 hrs
  • Flow RateVariable
  • Swivel / TiltNA

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