L3 - Dust Control Fogging Lance

The L3 lance is the first dust suppression lance on the market.

L3 – Fogging lance

The L3 lance is the first dust suppression lance on the market. It is a compact and user-friendly solution for close range applications. It works without a turbine or fan, allowing it to get near to the source of dust. The spray action can be narrow and flat, fan-shaped or cylindrical, depending on the requirements in any given case.

With its flexible spray head, the fine mist jet with its optimized droplet size and quantity can be pivoted horizontally up to 360° and tilted in many different directions from -6° (default factory setting) to +60° by local or remote control.

This makes the L3 equally suitable for indoor use and for dust control in recycling plants, crushing plants, on tunnel construction sites, industrial sites, and walkways to factory buildings.

Technical Specifications

  • Effective Distance5 - 20 meters
  • Flow Rate4 L/min or 21 L/min
  • Swivel / TiltSwivel 270°, Tilt -6° to +60°
  • Length1000 mm
  • Width785 mm
  • Height2.700 mm
  • Length with bar lowered935 mm
  • Height with bar lowered1.560 mm
  • Length excl. bar880 mm
  • Height excl. bar1.385 mm
  • Weight111kg
  • Max. rotation angle360°
  • Spray head tilt angle-6° + 60°
  • Load current8/7
  • Pump motor rating3 kW
  • Power supply voltage400/440 V
  • Frequency50/60 Hz
  • Power supply plug16A x 5
  • Water supply connectionGEKA
  • Y-type strainer650 µm/ 28 mesh
  • Water filter177 µm/ 80 mesh
  • Number of nozzles on spray head2
  • Water supply21 l/min
  • Water supply pressure1 – 8 bar
  • Operating pressure70 bar
  • Radio control range100 m
  • Noise level LA63 db(A) bei 20 m
  • Operating temperature+5 + 50 °C

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