HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor

DYNASET HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into continuous compressed air. It is a compact unit for demanding 24/7 use for all pneumatic applications. It is ideal in mobile use for mining machines, agricultural machines and construction machines. There are models from 500 l/min up to 11500 l/min with pressure of 10 bar.

Base machines and installation

The compact structure of the HKR make it easy to install on to any mobile machine such as drill rigs, , excavators and service vehicles. It can be installed anywhere on the vehicle. HKR doesn’t require any additional air tank or container. Also it can be installed into confined space since it doesn’t require air cooling.

HKR is also available with additional hose reel that makes a great partner for the unit in mobile use. No more tangled or broken hoses it makes the hose easy to store and keep in good shape.

How does the DYNASET HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor work?

HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor produces compressed air using the power from the base machine’s hydraulic system. It provides the hydraulic oil flow to the HKR’s hydraulic motor. It can run continuously 24/7 without stopping. When the compressor does not produce air, it will run on idle speed.

HKR can also be placed into confined space since it doesn’t need air cooling. It cools the unit by transferring the heat to the hydraulic oil which the base machine then cools down.


The HKR is compact many times smaller than the traditional compressor trailers or piston compressors seen on the worksites. It can run continuously 24/7 without stopping. Having it on a mobile machine increases the machine’s versatility and utilization rate without taking much space. It can be installed even into the most confined space since it does not need air cooling.

It is always close to the work site since it is integrated to the base machine. It is easy to use and always ready saving time, equipment and minimizing fuel costs.

Clean technology

DYNASET HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor is eco-friendly. Unlike the traditional compressor it does not require gasoline powered motor. HKR takes the power straight from the base machines hydraulic system. It is optimized to produce compressed air only when needed. When it doesn’t produce compressed air it runs on idle speed requiring only minimal amount of hydraulic oil circulation. Thanks to the DYNASET clean technology there are less emissions and natural resources consuming equipment at worksites.

The silent hydraulic motors integrated in the HKR Hydraulic Screw Compressor

The silent hydraulic motors are integrated in the hydraulic screw compressor. The hydraulic motors bring benefits for the compressors in many ways.

The most noticeable feature is the smooth sound. The sound pressure level is significantly lower. However this is not the only factor that makes the motor sound more pleasing for the ear. The improved sound structure and frequency level are even bigger factors which make the Dynaset equipment almost feel like silent. The high pitch sounds are unpleasant for the human ear and big amplitudes tend to hurt the ears. The new Dynaset silent hydraulic motors are designed to produce sound which structure and frequency are more subtle for the ears. Therefore the motors sound very quiet. The better sound characteristics drastically improve the working environment and user ergonomics.

The silent hydraulic motors are designed to be more efficient and durable. The new Dynaset motors have less mechanical friction resulting better efficiency and increasing durability. The operating temperature is lower as well. The new shaft seal is made for higher pressure endurance. The new silent motors are easy to recognize from the all-black motors with Dynaset logo on them.

The DYNASET silent hydraulic motors bring great user experience thanks to:

  • low sound pressure level
  • low frequency
  • pleasant sound structure
  • less mechanic friction
  • their efficiency
  • low operating temperature
  • great durability

HKR - Hydraulic Screw Compressors

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