HDF Hydraulic Drilling Fluid Pump

DYNASET HDF Hydraulic Drilling Fluid Pump converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into fluid pumping power. It has the world’s best power-to-size ratio. The design is reliable and compact piston-to-piston structure with no rotating parts unlike traditional pumps. HDFs produce high pressure pumping up to 200 bar and 250 l/min for mobile use. HDF has higher tolerance for particles fluid than standard pumps. They are ideal for pumping e.g. drilling fluids, abrasive chemicals, oils and high viscosity fluids (gels). The internal parts of the HDF is processed with more durable coating to be able to handle chemicals and bigger particles in the pumped fluid.

Base machines and installation

The world’s best power-to-size ratio guarantees easy installation on mobile machinery such as drill rigs and excavators. HDF pumps can be installed anywhere on a mobile machine thanks to their compact size and light weight. It only needs to be connected to the bases machine’s hydraulics and to the pump fluid source. It can also be installed in parallel or in series to gain higher fluid flow levels.

How does the DYNASET HDF Hydraulic Drilling Fluid Pump work?

HDF Hydraulic Drilling Fluid Pump produces high pressure pumping power using the power from the base machine’s hydraulic system. When the hydraulic oil flow is turned on to the HDF, it starts immediately and the patented technology converts the hydraulic power pumping power. The pump is self-priming thus it doesn’t need any additional feed pumping. The output flow is linearly adjustable from 0-100% by controlling the hydraulic flow to the pump. Also thanks to the DYNASET technology, the HDF can also run dry.


The HDF pump has the best power-to-size ratio in the world. It is compact many times smaller than the traditional high pressure water pumps with same power output. Having the HDF on a mobile machine, it increases the vehicle’s versatility and utilization rate.

There is no need to drag bigger separate high pressure washers or pumps to the work sites as the HDF is integrated to the base machine and is always ready for use. It saves time, equipment and minimizes fuel costs.

The patented technology with no rotating parts saves from wear and makes the HDF’s high performance last longer than other competitive solutions. It can be used with sea water, natural water resources, drilling fluids, abrasive chemicals, oils, high viscosity fluids (gels) or even run dry.

Clean technology

All DYNASET HDF Hydraulic Drill Fluid Pumps are eco-friendly. It operates with a patented technology and unlike the traditional high pressure pumps it does not require electric or gasoline powered motor. Therefore, HDF does not require any fuel and does not generate air pollution. Thanks to the DYNASET clean technology, there is less natural resources consuming equipment at worksites. The HDF pump is maintenance-free and does not require separate transportation since it is integrated into a base machine.


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