KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit

DYNASET KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into high pressure water for street washing. KPL is a compact all-in-one plug and play street washing unit. The quick attachments make it fast to install onto any mobile machine. The KPL produces high pressure water which deep cleans the streets resulting dust free surfaces. The optimized water consumption guarantees the best washing result while saving water. Thanks to high pressure water streets can be cleaned without dust emissions and wearing mechanical parts like brushes. KPL does not block the user’s field of view and has adjustable the washing angle. It also comes with a power washing pistol for any power washing application such as washing statues, street bench, walls or even graffiti’s.

Base machines and installation

KPL is compact all-in-one system that fits on large variety of vehicles such as compact loaders, tractors, and trucks. It is easy to connect with quick attachments without any further installation, just like with excavator tools. Quick attachments for different machine types are available to ensure fast connectivity of KPL between different machines.

How Does DYNASET KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit works?

KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit produces high pressure water using the power from the base machine’s hydraulic system. When the hydraulic flow is directed to the street washing unit’s water pump, it starts to pump high pressure water to the washing head. The high pressure water deep cleans the streets resulting dust free surfaces. The unit also has hydraulically or electrically adjustable washing head for changing the washing angle. All the standard models include a washing pistol high pressure washing.


Using the KPL on a mobile machine increases the machines versatility and utilization rate. Compact all-in-one structure takes minimal space, is easy to use and fast to attach and detach. KPL can be easily switched between different vehicles. The vast selection of quick attachments allows using the same KPL even with different machine types.

The unit guarantees the best washing results thanks to the powerful HPW hydraulic high pressure water pump which is included in the KPL. High pressure water guarantees the dust-free surfaces by using a single machine with the KPL attached. It is possible to adjust the water consumption to less than 1 liter per square meter and still get the clean surfaces. The standard KPL models include a washing pistol for pressure washing making the unit even more versatile and providing possibility to clean statues, corridors, benches etc. at the same time as cleaning the streets.

Clean technology

DYNASET KPL High Pressure Street Washing Unit is eco-friendly. Its water consumption is minimized to save water while having the best washing result. High pressure washing saves significant amount of water compared to low pressure water systems. High pressure water deep cleans the streets and removing the sand and dust from the pores in asphalt resulting dust free surfaces and cleaner air.

The all-in-one structure of KPL and lack of additional motor make the unit emission free. The unit only utilizes the hydraulic power of the carrier machine. Thanks to the Dynaset clean technology, there are less natural resources consuming equipment and machinery at cleaning sites. One small vehicle with the KPL can wash large areas without constantly refilling the water reservoir due to low water consumption.



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