HHK Hydraulic Grinder

DYNASET HHK Hydraulic Grinder converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into grinding force. The HHK hydraulic grinder is a high power grinder from 4kW up to 6 kW grinding force @ 3000 rpm. Ideal for sharpening drill heads and tools in mining, forestry or agriculture applications. HHK uses 170 mm (6.7”) grindstones.

Base machines and installation

Compact size and light weight guarantee easy installation on mobile machinery such as drill rigs, excavators, tractors, service vehicles and forestry machinery.

How does the DYNASET HHK Hydraulic Grinder work?

The base machine’s hydraulic system produces the hydraulic oil flow for the Grinder’s compact hydraulic motor. It provides constant flow for the HHK grinder to operate at maximum performance.


The HHK Hydraulic Grinder has great efficiency and power-to-size ratio comparing to traditional electric bench grinders. By installing the HHK to a work machine, increases its productivity and net worth. HHK Hydraulic Grinder is also maintenance free and very durable. HHK is integrated to the base machine and is always ready for use.

Clean technology

The HHK hydraulic grinder is eco-friendly. Since it works with a base machine’s hydraulics, it does not require any additional fuel and therefore does not generate air pollution. Thanks to the DYNASET clean technology there are less emissions and natural resource consuming equipment at worksites. The rugged design and maintenance-free structure make the product long lasting.


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