HMV Hydraulic Modular Valve System

DYNASET HMV Hydraulic Modular Valve System guarantees an easy installation of hydraulic equipment to any mobile machine. It is a modular installation valve block solution that combines different sandwich-like valve modules into a compact unit. With the HMV the pressure and flow levels are adjusted perfectly for any applications in any hydraulic system. HMW valves enable simultaneous use for different installed hydraulic equipment. It is always tailored to fit customer needs. HMV is competitive and cost effective solution if more than two valves are needed for the installation. When customer buys DYNASET products, suitable installation valves are checked and recommended by the DYNASET Sales team.

Base machines and installation

HMV is compact and easy to install on to any machinery.It fits into all hydraulic systems. If more than one valve is needed, valves can be integrated with the HMV into a one compact unit.

How does the DYNASET HMV Hydraulic Modular Valve System work?

The DYNASET HMV Hydraulic Modular Installation Valve regulates the pressure and flow on to correct level for the hydraulic equipment to work properly in any hydraulic system.


HMV is easy to install. It makes the hydraulic system safe and reliable for any hydraulic equipment. It enables the use of multiple hydraulic tools in one mobile machine, simultaneously. With the DYNASET HMV the installation time can be remarkably reduced.

Clean technology

The DYNASET Installation valves enable the use of multiple eco-friendly hydraulic equipment on one machine. No more need for multiple machines to run many applications. It saves time due to the factor that multiple tools can be used at the same time. Valves are designed to run with optimal performance minimizing the overflow and thus the emissions of the base machines.


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