HPU Hydraulic Power Unit

DYNASET HPU Hydraulic Power Unit produces hydraulic power anywhere with integrated gasoline engine. It is a compact and easy to move all-in-one unit to provide hydraulic power even in remote locations. The unit is equipped with an electric start, a powerful gasoline engine and quick coupler connections for two hydraulic devices.

Base machines and installation

HPU is ready to use right from the beginning. It does not need any installation to operate only fuel for the gasoline engine.

How does the DYNASET HPU Hydraulic Power Unit work?

The HPU’s gasoline engine provides power for the hydraulic pump. It then provides the hydraulic oil flow in order to power the connected devices. Up to two pieces of hydraulic equipment can be powered simultaneously with the unit.


The HPU enables hydraulic tool use anywhere. When the base machine can’t reach the work site or is needed elsewhere, the hydraulic power can be provided with HPU.

HPU Hydraulic Power Unit

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