HV Hydraulic Winch & HVY Hydraulic Winch Unit

DYNASET HV Winch and HVY Winch Unit convert the hydraulic power into horizontal pulling power. HV and HVY are compact units designed for on-surface water/gas/oil pipe installations without digging. They have pulling power from 5 to 30t and length up to 700m depending on the model. HV can be installed straight on to a mobile machine and the HVY is an easily movable stand-alone unit. Both have fully adjustable pulling power and speed.

Base machines and installation

Compact size of the HV guarantees easy installation on mobile machinery such as trucks, loaders and service vehicles. HV is usually installed in front of or to the back of the base machine. It is connected to the hydraulic system only with two hydraulic hoses.

As a stand-alone unit, the HVY does not require any installation, just transportation to the worksite.

How does the DYNASET HV Hydraulic Winch & HVY Hydraulic Winch Unit work?

HV and HVY converts the hydraulic power into pulling power. Both have the same working principle, the difference being that the HV is used with base machine’s hydraulic system and the HVY is a stand-alone unit. In both systems the hydraulic oil flow is directed through opening valves to the winches hydraulic motor that starts to pull the cable.


Installing the HV to a working machine increases its productivity and net worth. HV and HVY are compact, easy to move and operate at the work site. HV is always aboard an ready for use. Due to the stand-alone design the HVY, on the other hand, is not reliant on any machine. It can be left on the work site when the base machine is needed elsewhere.

Clean technology

DYNASET HV and HVY are eco-friendly. HV uses the base machine’s hydraulic system making it completely emission free. HVY on the other hand uses an eco-friendly gasoline motor.


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