HMAG Pro Hydraulic Magnet

DYNASET HMAG PRO Hydraulic Magnet converts the hydraulic power of a mobile machine into powerful magnetizing power. It is a complete all-in-one unit with integrated magnet generator. It has the world’s fastest demagnetizing time 0,8 seconds releasing the collected material lightning fast. It is a true plug & play magnet ready to be used straight from the box. It works with small and big machines and only needs low hydraulic oil flow to operate e.g. HMAG PRO 700 needs only 17l/min of hydraulic oil flow. HMAG PRO have tear-off force from 5,5 t (12 t lbs.) up to 18 t (39 t lbs.) depending on model. HMAG PRO is fast to change from one machine to another. As standard it comes with two hydraulic hoses and chains but it can be equipped with a quick attachment or grabber attachment. Also claw models are available.

Base machines and installation

The plug & play connection guarantees easy installation on mobile machines such as demolition machinery, excavators and trucks with crane. Connecting to the base machine is easy through the standard chains or with additional quick attachments. After this only the hydraulic pressure and return lines need to be connected to e.g. hydraulic hammer line. After these connections the HMAG is ready for use.

How does the DYNASET HMAG Pro Hydraulic Magnet work?

The HMAG PRO converts the hydraulic oil flow into magnet power. The conversion is made with the integrated hydraulic magnet generator inside the HMAG PRO. Magnetizing begins immediately When the hydraulic oil flow is turned on to the HMAG PRO. Vice versa when the hydraulic flow is stopped the demagnetization begins and the load detaches immediately due to the world’s fastest demagnetizing time.


HMAG PRO has the world’s fastest demagnetizing time 0,8 second. It releases the collected material right after the demagnetizing is started. For the user this means less waiting and frustration, easier and more predictable use of the magnet with faster, more efficient, collection process. Having the HMAG PRO on a mobile machine increases its productivity and net worth. The HMAG PRO Magnet is ready for use straight from the box. It is fast ‘n easy to connect and swap between machines which improves the work flow and productivity.

Clean technology

DYNASET HMAG PRO Hydraulic Magnet is eco-friendly. It operates with optimized hydraulic oil flow and pressure which minimizes the energy consumption. Also it only runs and uses energy when the hydraulic flow is turned on to the unit.

The new silent hydraulic motors integrated in the HMAG Hydraulic Magnet

The new silent hydraulic motors, released on March 7th 2017, are integrated in the strandard models of the HMAG Hydraulic Magnets. The new hydraulic motors will improve the integrated magnet generators in many ways.

The most noticeable change is the drastically improved sound. The sound pressure level is significantly lower. However this is not the only factor that makes the motor sound more pleasing for the ear. The improved sound structure and frequency level are even bigger factors which make the Dynaset equipment almost feel like silent. The high pitch sounds are unpleasant for the human ear and big amplitudes tend to hurt the ears. The new Dynaset silent hydraulic motors are designed to produce sound which structure and frequency are more subtle for the ears. Therefore the motors sound very quiet. The better sound characteristics drastically improve the working environment and user ergonomics.

The silent hydraulic motors are designed to be more efficient and durable. The new Dynaset motors have less mechanical friction resulting better efficiency and increasing durability. The operating temperature is lower as well. The new shaft seal is made for higher pressure endurance. The new silent motors are easy to recognize from the all-black motors with Dynaset logo on them.

The DYNASET silent hydraulic motors bring better user experience thanks to:

  • lower sound pressure level
  • lower frequency
  • pleasant sound structure
  • less mechanic friction
  • increased efficiency
  • lower operating temperature
  • better durability


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