MAG Lifting Magnet

DYNASET MAG Lifting Magnet is a high quality magnet perfect to go with HMG PRO Magnet Generator. Standard models have tear-off force from 5,5 t (12.1 t lbs.) up to 70 t (154 t lbs.) and coil power come from 3,0 kW up to 20 kW depending on the model. They are also available in rectangular shape, with claw, under water and ED100 models. ED100 model can be used in continuous magnetizing periods. Bigger models are also available. MAG Lifting Magnets use 220V DC voltage.

Base machines and installation

The plug & play connection guarantees easy installation on demolition machinery, excavators, trucks with crane etc. Connecting to the base machine is easy through the included chains and electric cable. Models are also available with quick attachments.

How does the DYNASET MAG Lifting Magnet work?

The MAG needs DC voltage to work. The best companion for it is the DYNASET HMG PRO Magnet Generator which produces high quality magnetizing electricity from base machine’s hydraulics. Used together with HMG PRO the MAG works in the world’s fastest demagnetizing time 0,8 seconds.


The DYNASET MAG and HMG PRO combination is a perfect tool for magnet applications. Easy installation and use, world’s best demagnetizing time, optimized hydraulic oil flow and pressure for lower emissions turn any mobile machine with a crane into modern material handling machine.

Clean technology

Using MAG with HMG PRO also makes it an eco-friendly unit. Since the HMG PRO operates with hydraulic power, It minimizes the emission and the system is more economic compared to the traditional solutions on the work site.

MAG - Lifting Magnets For HMG Pro

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