HPIC Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier for Cylinder

The DYNASET HPIC Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier boosts any insufficient hydraulic pressure in order to power hydraulic cylinders. They are compact and powerful units for boosting the pressure in any hydraulic system. The HPIC boosts the pressure only when demanded. It produces up to 700 bar of pressure and flows up to 30 l/min.

Base machines and installation

The world’s best power-to-size ratio guarantees an easy installation on mobile machinery such as demolition machinery, excavators and ROV-units. HPIC is connected to the tool cylinder’s hydraulic pressure line.

How does the DYNASET HPIC Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier for Cylinder work?

The HPIC Hydraulic Pressure Intensifier boost the hydraulic pressure for hydraulic cylinders using the power from the base machine’s hydraulic system. It boosts the pressure only when needed without hindering the cylinder’s designed use. This application is a great tool for e.g. pulverizing and wedging applications. The pressure and flow levels are fully adjustable with HPIC.


The HPIC unit is compact to fit any mobile machine. It has great efficiency producing above average hydraulic flow with high pressure. It is easy to install in to any hydraulic system. The use of DYNASET power booster enables the base machine to do more increasing the vehicle’s versatility and utilization rate. It is integrated onto the machine and is always ready for use.

Clean technology

DYNASET HPIC Pressure Intensifier is eco-friendly. Having it, enables the use of bigger hydraulic tools in smaller hydraulic systems. The compact design fits even the smallest machines and enables the use of demanding tools with it. There is less need for bigger machinery which minimizes the emissions at work sites.


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