SelfClear Automatic Filter System

Feature-Tec SelfClear Automatic Backwash Filtration System removes particles from liquid process streams to support continuous production without requiring manual work. The system is equipped with a special backwashing setup for periodic removal of contaminants from the elements to maintain filtration efficiency. SelfClear Automatic Backwash Filter System regenerates elements without stopping any equipment or industrial processes, making it ideal for continuous, high temperature processes.

Filtration Principle

As process fluid enters the SelfClear® Filtration System, trapped particles forms a layer of filter cake on the cartridge element. This cake layer traps finer particles. The filtration system continually remove particles until it reaches a set pressure differential value. During backwashing, fluid inlet and outlet valves are closed as compressed gas is introduced, removing trapped impurities to renew filter elements.

System Functions


SelfClear effectively filters streams with high levels of impurities and viscosity, removing contaminants up to 1 µm. The system is applicable for natural gas, crude oil refineries and amino resin factories.


The high efficiency of SelfClear Automatic Backwash Filter System is specially suited for recycling of waste materials with its compressed gas drying system, reducing wastage of recyclable materials such as precious metal salts, rare metallic catalysts, activated carbon, titanium and PTA particulates.


In high precision chemical industries, the removal of impurities means repeated rinsing and stirring to achieve total dissolution. SelfClear® Automatic Backwash Filter System combines the dual processes of filtration and rinsing to increase productivity, making it suitable for inorganic minerals, titanium and other chemical industries.


The system's back flushing combines traditional thickening processes and filtration, and is extremely effective for thickened additives from centrifugal separation. SelfClear is widely used in the production of PVC and PTA chemicals.

Main Features:

  • Effectively process flows with high content of sticky impurities
  • High filtering accuracy
  • Fully closed operation to process corrosive and volatile medium which cannot be manually handled
  • Dry filter cake can be obtained; SelfClear® is suitable for recycling filter cake (water content < 20%) with minimal process fluid loss
  • No residue liquid

SelfClear is customizable according to customers' requirements such as:

  • Addition of filter aid
  • Increased filter cake thickening
  • Increased spray cleaning frequency

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