BVM Multi Bag Filter Housing

Feature Tec's BVM multi bag filter housings features side inlet and bottom outlet, providing easy and complete drainage. The convenient tangential bottom outlet reduces housing height, making bag change-out easy and safe. A standard eye-bolt closure is equipped with Feature-Tec's spring balanced head lifting system for quick access to the interior. The lid can be easily positioned at any angle by a single worker using only one hand. Inside, Feature-Tec's unique 3-point bag seal clamp assures bypass-free performance under any conditions.


  • Side inlet and bottom outlet for easy and complete drainage.
  • Tangential bottom outlet and spring-balance head lifting system making bag change-out easy and safe.
  • Self-balancing locking mechanism for fast and easy operation.
  • Single-handed, user-friendly operation, ideal for high-volume applications.
  • Exclusive 3-point bag seal clamp assures bypass-free performance under any conditions.
  • Easy to operate, economical and practical.


  • Max. Operating Temperature:150°C
  • Max. Operating Pressure:10 bar

3 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate120m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN80 (3")

4 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate160m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN100 (4")

6 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate240m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN150 (6")

8 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate320m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN150 (6")

12 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate480m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN200 (8")

17 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate680m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN250 (10")

23 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate920m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN250 (10")

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