Speedo® Filter Housing

Feature-Tec's Speedo series multi-bag filter housings features a self-balancing V-clamp locking mechanism, a break-through from conventional designs. Its single-handed, user-friendly operation makes Speedo your ideal choice for applications with high flow rates requiring frequent element change-outs. Minimal downtime reduces operating costs and smoothen batch processes. Efficiency is highly improved by a fully-interlocked design that guarantees safety in all conditions. With its rugged, corrosion-free V-clamp and proprietary screw-drive mechanism, the housing provide users with years of smooth service.


  • Self-balancing V-clamp locking mechanism for fast and easy operation.
  • Single-handed operation, ideal for applications requiring frequent bag change-outs. 
  • Minimal downtime reduces operating costs.
  • Fully interlocked design for safety under any conditions.
  • Proprietary screw-drive for years of smooth service.
  • Rugged, corrosion-free V-clamp ensure cost-effective bag filtration.


  • Max. Operating Temperature:150°C
  • Max. Operating Pressure:10 bar

3 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate120m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN80 (3")

4 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate160m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN100 (4")

6 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate240m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN150 (6")

8 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate320m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN150 (6")

12 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate480m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN200 (8")

17 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate680m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN250 (10")

23 bags

  • Max. Flow Rate920m3/h
  • Inlet/OutletDN250 (10")

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