Absolute Accuracy Polypropylene Filter Bag

Feature-Tec Absolute Accuracy Filter Bags are formed from 100% pure polypropylene microfibers without additives. The extremely fine fibers structure produces high filtration efficiency and huge contact area. Polypropylene has hydrophobic and oleophilic properties to attract oils and repel water, enabling the filter bags to separate and remove oils from aqueous solutions. Robust fully-welded construction bags provides bypass-free performance in a wide variety of applications. Absolute Accuracy Filter Bags are suitable for fine chemicals, food & beverages and pharmaceuticals. When used for coatings and ink filtration, Absolute Accuracy bags can remove oils while providing fine, absolute filtration.


  • Made of 100% pure polypropylene.
  • Multi-layer structure with nearly absolute efficiency.
  • Seamless construction assures by pass-free performance.
  • Available in sizes 01 and 02.


  • Filter Area (m2)0.24m2
  • Diameter (mm)178 mm
  • Length (mm)420 mm
  • Recommended Flow Rate (m3/ h)4


  • Filter Area (m2)0.48 m2
  • Diameter (mm)178 mm
  • Length (mm)810 mm
  • Recommended Flow Rate (m3/ h)8

Temperature Resistance

Chemical Compatibility

  • SAH<90℃
    • SAHS.Acid / W.Acid / W.Alkali / S.Alkali

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