Needled Felt Filter Bag

Needled Felt Filter Bag is the most common and economical filter element. These filter bags contain fibers locked together as they pass through beds of special barbed needles, entangling them into a felt media on the inner surface of the filter bag. The outer surface is singed through a special heat process, eliminating the possibility of fiber migration. This rugged media is ideal for fabrication by both sewing and welding. Available in a wide range of materials, needle felt filter bags can be used in a wide range of processes involving liquids of low to medium viscosity. The strong needled felt filter bags are suitable for the removal of hard particles from a process stream. Feature-Tec provides needled felt bags in PO, PE, NT and PTFE in the full range of bag sizes.


  • Needling and heat singeing lock fibers into the media.
  • Fully welded construction, preventing fluid bypass.
  • Effective on both low and medium viscosity liquids.
  • Removes hard particles even at high flow rates.
  • NT and PTFE available for high temperature or aggressive fluid applications.
  • Seal options include both plastic rings and economical stainless steel.


  • Filter Area (m2)0.24m2
  • Diameter (mm)178 mm
  • Length (mm)420 mm
  • Recommended Flow Rate (m3/ h)4


  • Filter Area (m2)0.48 m2
  • Diameter (mm)178 mm
  • Length (mm)810 mm
  • Recommended Flow Rate (m3/ h)8


  • Filter Area (m2)0.08 m2
  • Diameter (mm)102 mm
  • Length (mm)230 mm
  • Recommended Flow Rate (m3/ h)3


  • Filter Area (m2)0.48 m2
  • Diameter (mm)102 mm
  • Length (mm)410 mm
  • Recommended Flow Rate (m3/ h)6

Temperature Resistance

  • Polypropylene< 90℃
  • Polyester< 140℃
  • Meta-Aramid< 220℃
  • PTFE< 240℃

Chemical Compatibility

  • PolypropyleneS.Acid / W.Acid / W.Alkali / S.Alkali
  • PolyesterW.Acid / Solvent
  • Meta-AramidW.Acid / W.Alkali / S.Alkali / Solvent
  • PTFES.Acid / W.Acid / W.Alkali / S.Alkali / Solvent

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