FCTF - 15 Emulsion Recovery System

FCTF – 15 is capable of achieving three phase separation of water, oil and solids. The FCTF-15 is suitable for water based cutting fluids, cleaning fluids and other solvents. With its fast, efficient, and stable features, the FCTF-15 regenerator is the choice equipment for processing used cutting fluids and cleaning fluids.

Separation Principle:

  1. Used fluid enters through inlet
  2. Fluid enters a rotating drum, separated through disc bundles
  3. Solids are removed from fluids through the disc bundles
  4. Cleaned fluid is pressurized for the next stage
  5. Cleaned fluid is passed through the pipelines
  6. Waste oil is discharged
  7. If there are large deposits of solids in the drum, manual cleaning and discharge might be required

Processing Capacity:

  • Maximum Flow: (50Hz) 1000L / H
  • Effective Processing Flow: 600 ~ 800L / H
  • Storage Space: 0.7L
  • Waste Oil Collection Tank Volume: 20L 

Separation Efficiency:

  • Particle Accuracy: 2um (99% or more)
  • Miscellaneous Oil Content: 0.3% or less

Centrifugal Motor:

  • Spindle Speed: 7500 rpm
  • Motor Power: 0.55 kW


  • Motor Power: 0.75 kW
  • Water Pump Type: Flexible Impeller Pump
  • Self-priming Height: 2m
  • Motor Controls: Frequency control (adjustable)

Centrifugal Motor

  • Spindle Speed7500rpm
  • Motor Power0.55kW
  • Motor Power0.75kW
  • Water pump typeflexible impeller pump
  • Self-priming height2m
  • Motor controlsfrequency control (adjustable)

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