Smartkof Oil Filter

Smartkof is specially designed by Feature-Tec for offline removal of solid particles and water from oil. The filter reduces the effects of damage from accumulated solids and water within an oil system, prolonging the service life of equipments.

Product Features

  • Removes solid particles in oil systems through a depth filter cartridge, capable of removing solids of 3 microns
  • FIlter media in Smartkof is capable of removing trace water from oil
  • Smartkof Oil Filter is able to remove solids formed due to the oxidation of oil
  • Smartkof Oil Filter is suitable for offline usage
  • Lightweight modular design allows for easy installation of the Smartkof Oil Filter

Economical Benefits

  • Reduces wear of moving parts, increasing their service life
  • Reduces frequency of maintenance required for the equipment it protects
  • Reduces the occurrence of equipment failure, improving system efficiency
  • Improves the accuracy, production yield and quality of the system
  • Ensures the quality of oil and the shelf life of the oil products


  • Filtration Accuracy:3 microns

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