Modular Filtration System

MLB modular filter system is made up of multiple sets of filters in series or parallel. Through manual labour or automated control of valves, it can fulfil the need for continuous filtration while allowing for the change of filtration cartridges.

MLB modular filtering system can be easily designed and offers good air-tightness, flow rate and user-friendliness. Its unique design allows rapid and easy change of filtration cartridges, low leakage while at the same time, maintaining high levels of filtration efficiency. In addition, it will also not disintegrate, which adds up to reduced operating costs.

There are 4 inlets and outlets for practical applications – to meet the needs of the production process and different flow rates – to adapt to actual conditions where, for example, high flow rates and continuous production is needed.

MLB modular filter system is suited in precision industries for the filtration of oil paint, coating products, tree resin, ink and ink-based products, pharmaceutical, rubber and other chemical products.


  • Several filters are connected with each other in parallel to perform filtration and backwash simultaneously with no necessity of stopping system
  • Reasonable structure design, good sealing and strong circulating capacity
  • Operation is easy and fast and filter-bag can be replaced in place
  • Less side leakage probability to ensure filtration accuracy
  • No material loss to reduce cost
  • Four inlet/outlet directions are available to facilitate installation on-site
  • Bag, cartridge and basket structures are available to satisfy various filtration applications
  • Several filters are connected with each other in parallel to meet various flow rates and on-site adjustment requirements


  • MLB Modular Multi Filter System consists of multiple filter housings installed in parallel for either manual operation or automatically (control valve) controlled operation.
  • Four different inlet/outlet arrangements to facilitate site installation and to meet the different flow requirements of a continuous production process.
  • The system is adjustable according to the actual flow capacity requirements of the clients' processes, making it suitable for high flow filtration processes.

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