Reclaimed Water Recycling Equipment

Reclaimed water refers to the non-potable water which is obtained through treating various kinds of drainage and can be repeatedly used within limits after meeting specified water quality standards.

According to Code of Design for Building Reclaimed Water System (GB50336-2002) and Code for Design of Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse (GB50335-2002), the reclaimed water is classified into quality grey water and domestic sewage. Detailed types and selection order are as follows:

Drainage from tub bath and shower bath in bathroom and bathhouse/washing drainage, drainage from air-conditioner circulated cooling system, condensing water, drainage from swimming pool, laundry drainage, kitchen drainage and flushing water.

Reclaimed water can be used as construction grey water (e.g. for building) and urban grey water (e.g. for toilet flushing, greening, car washing, fire fighting and ground washing).

Feature-Tec's design for reclaiming water uses an advanced technology of membrane filtration and biological treatment, replacing traditional methods for the need of a second sedimentation tank, to separate solid from liquid, securing a steady supply of reclaimed water. It can also function in biological pools with high concentrations of microorganisms, produces little by-products of its own and can eliminate ammonia. The reclaimed water has negligible levels of sediments and turbidity and all the bacteria and germs are almost completely eliminated. The required surface area is also small and needs little energy to operate.


  • Strong impact resistance and load capacity, high cleaning efficiency, stable system operation and no smell during processing
  • Simple processing flow, capable of integrating structures and realizing unattended management
  • No necessity of sludge acclimation, easy membrane laying, fast membrane removal, fast microbe growth and short starting-up time
  • Small floor space, less investment and low running cost
  • High sludge consumption rate, small sludge production, PLC controlling, high automation and easy operation
  • Prefilter for safe filtering
  • Low operation and maintenance cost

Optional Equipment

  • Submersible pump or backwashing pump
  • Flowmeters
  • Control Switchboards
  • Membrane Filters
  • Valves
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Filtration Tank

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