Submersible Sewage Pumps

The are predominantly invisible, but nevertheless essential.

They can be found wherever a building site needs to be drained or a burst pipe causes problems: IMMERSION PUMPS.

The immersion pumps from Habermann Aurum Pumpen GmbH also don’t let you down in an emergency.

A robust, yet easy to maintain design and the Habermann quality claim, which has existed since 1927, make our immersion pumps your reliable partner. Extremely low-wear components, e.g. the high-chromium impeller treated with the tried-and-tested ACrS technology, enable operating cost reductions and long service lives, even with work activities involving highly abrasive media, such as sand and gravel.

In addition to the classic construction pump (up to 45 kW), the Habermann Aurum product range also includes a slimline version for restricted space conditions, agitator pumps and faecal pumps.